Most windy place in central America

Most windy place in central America

What is the most windy place in Central america? Well the stats talk for itself Bahia Salinas in Costa Rica leads this ranking.

Based on last season data, during our windy season (Nov 2014-May 2015) we had only 23 non windy days out of 243, that means we had 220 windy days!!! an average of more than 90%!!!

This makes Bahia Salinas a great place to guarantee the those days you have been waiting the whole year don’t let you down!! The wind is guaranteed!!

January Is the best month were every day was a kite day thanks to the consistent wind. On second place we find March with only one no windy day and on third place February and May (2 non windy days)

most windy place in central america

Data extracted form WindGuru.

4Bft is windy enoghto practice kiteboarding


Come and join us for a great kite vacation!!

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