Bahia Salinas Stats

Bahia Salinas Stats

Season is over, as usual we like to look behind and analyze what the season has been like in terms of wind. Let’s review Bahia Salinas Stats. We opened the school this season Nov 2015 and we closed April 2016.

Bahia salinas stats

As we can see on this screenshot taken form windguru, in the whole season we have only had 7 no wind days!! 5 out of those 7 days were in November, beginning of the season. The windiest month has been February as always. All teh other months conditions have been perfect! consistent wind literally everyday!

Stats don’t lie, Bahia Salinas guarantees almost 100% chances of wind. Stop looking for any other spot, it is warm and most important, it is windy!!

Are you gonna miss it? Don’t let others tell you about it, come and discover this new amazing spot yourself!! Our team will make your stay the best kite vacation you have ever had!