Kiteboarding: Rights of way

Kiteboarding:Rights of way

Once a students become independent, by this we mean that he is riding with no supervision, it is essential to know the rights of way. This is often unknown by many kiters on the beach, but is very important to keep harmony and avoid incidents.

These are the main rights of way rules:

  • Always respect beginners and students on lessons, keep security distance.
  • In case you meet on the same way:
    • Upwind kiter -> kite high
    • Downwind kiter ->kite low

Check this video out for a more graphical explanation of the rights of way:

You can laso check the video here.

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Kiteboarding Salinas Bay

The best spot to kiteboard in Costa Rica and Central America is Salinas bay. Situated north-west of Costa Rica and just a few miles from the Nicaraguan border. Thanks to its proximity to Nicaragua Volcano and lake , this bay gets consistent strong winds form November to May. The wind is almost warranted during those months with an average of 95% windy days.

Kiteboarding is not so popular among locals although it is growing little by little, that is why the beach is not crowded as other spots. At Salinas bay we will found a maximum of 20-25 kiters in the water, so we do not have to worry about other riders.


Something different about this spot is Bolaños island. It ir right in the middle of the bay. It is a rocky island with clear turquoise water, you can find many riders there enjoying its nature and flat water.

The most used kites are 7-8m. Our kiteboarding school (Costa Kite), normally teaches beginners with 5m, so that they feel safer.

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Sunset Salinas Bay

Sunset salinas bay

The season is coming to and end and so is the day, we wanted to share with you this pictures from yesterday sunset, hope you like them!!


sunset kids

Kids having fun

sunset costa rica

Amazing shot


sunset jobo

sunset salinas bay

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Kiteboarding is our passion and we will teach you all you need to become an expert. Al our instructors are IKO certified and will guide you on a safe and fun way on the process of becoming an independent kiteboarder!!

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Salinas bay


Why visit Salinas Bay?

Bahia Salinas is situated northwest of Costa Rica (Guanacaste province), by the pacific ocean, very close to the Nicaraguan border, from the bay beaches the traveler can see Nicaragua.

Most beaches at Salinas bay are completa unspoiled, and its nature is exhumaren. The traveler can spot many different kind of birds, sea turtles, monkeys, and even sea whales.

Salinas Bay is a popular place to visit, travelers willing to enjoy its nature and peace and others looking for some adrenaline and extreme adventure (kite surf, zip lining, rafting, ATV’s…)

salinas bay

Salinas Bay is one of the best spots in the world to practice kiteboarding, wind is a must, and intuís bay there is tones of it!! nov thru may. The water is fairly flat because it is a bay and that water temperature is warm (no wetsuits needed)

Our kite-school, “Costa Kite”, is at Copal beach and we teach every year to several students this amazing sport that will change your life!!!

La cruz


A place to live

La Cruz is 60km north of Liberia (Capital of Guanacaste region) and 20km south of Peñas Blancas, were the Nicaraguan border is.

The name of La cruz (“the cross” in english) is becas eof an incident that happened centuries ago. The mules used to carry the cattle form Nicaragua to Esperanza, and one of the mules was so exhausted he it reached the top of the hill that died. It was buried there and a cross was placed on that spot. After that, that cross was a reference point to let the mules take a break, before they could continue there way to Esperanza. That stop made some people settle there and that is how this town was born.

la cruz

One of te most visited spots of La Cruz are its beaches, surrounded by the breathtaking Salinas Bay. This beaches remain unspoiled and natural. They are mostly enjoyed for wind addicts, mostly kiteboarding, on the windy season, November thru May.

Right on the middle of the bay is Bolaños Island, a natural reserve, where you can spot all kind of birds.

The island can be visited by boat, or if you are willing to become a kiteboarder we will ride with you to the island.

Costa Kite will teach you all you need to become an independent kiteboarder. If needed we will also help you with the accommodation.

Bolaños Island



Bolaños island is right in the middle of the beautiful Salinas bay, north west of Costa Rica, Guanacaste Province. This island is by the pacific ocean.

Bolaños island is a natural park that host plenty of wild life. It is more than 80m high and it is mostly rocky. It is aproximatly 25ha. The rock is mostly formed by sediments more than forty million years old.

isla bolaños

Bolaños island is an important settlement for bird nesting, mostly pelicans, that is why it is a perfect day for ornithology lovers.

This small island where the wind blows strong every single day has abaraje temperature of 27º Este pequeño islote azotado por los fuertes vientos, registra temperaturas medias anuales de 27 grados centigrados y precipitaciones medias anuales de más de 1500 mm, concentradas de mayo a noviembre (estación de lluvia en Guanacaste)

Salinas bay is well known for its consistent constant winds from november to May (the dry season), this is why the traveler can find lost of kiteboarding lovers sailing all around the bay, many times ricking the island to enjoy its turquoise clear water.

kitesurf isla bolaños

Thanks to our kite instructor once you have a good level you will be able to visit the island, they will guide you and assist you on the way. It is about 10min ride. This is an exciting way of sightseeing