A day with Gisela Pulido

A day with Gisela Pulido

The german Tv has shooted a video where we can see how Gisela Pulido gets ready for the last PKRA competition in Germany.

In germany the Polish won, but this weekend Gisela is riding at home!!

Now lets get ready for Tarifa (Spain)!!!

Costa Rica kite National Geographic

Costa Rica kite National Geographic

Avery Stonich wrote an article for National geographic sometime ago about kitesurfing in Costa Rica. It is good to see what students think of kiteboarding and what they feel while learning it.

My experience is that the first time that you get up on the board is amazing! The first time you feel you are riding on your board pulled by the wind is unbelievable. You have a feeling of accomplishment and at the same time you feel you want more. That is when it really becomes addictive 🙂 For some people it happens already when body-dragging or trying the first power strokes.

I totally agree that it requires so much attention and the nature around you is so amazing that you will forget about anything else.

If you want to read teh article: read it here

Costa RIca kite National Geographic

Come and visit us in Costa Rica! Costa Kite is waiting for you!!

Naish 2015 kiteboarding collection

Naish 2015 kiteboarding collection is here!!

Naish kiteboarding presents the new 2015 collection. They have introduced a new kite: “Pivot”, and of course they have enhanced the already existing kites.

The Pivot is a kite designed for freeride and waves. This kite claim to be really quick in turns and very light.

The Ride which was released last year seems to have past the test and it is coming again this year. It is an all terrain kite with JUST 2 struts.

Meanwhile the Park and Torch have nothing to prove, they have been the best choice for most riders since they were released. This kites are perfect for freestyle!!

on Vimeo.

COme and try the Naish Park and Torch in COsta Rica with us!!

Visit Costa Kite!!

Old style episode 2!

Old style episode 2!

What is on the menu today?? Tom´s kitchen Episode, with more old style tricks and get inspired for your next old style tricks!!

Come to ride with us in Costa rica, Costa Kite is the school to learn!!

You can also watch the video here

Old Style with Tom!

Old Style with Tom!

We love kiting and we love funny things!!

North Kiteboarding presents this video with Tom Herbert, who will teach us how to cook the best old style tricks.
Tune in and watch the specialities of Tom to get inspired to try some new tricks!
Bonne appétit!!

From Costa kite we are ready to teach you the best tricks. We recommend no to try this tricks unless you already are an experienced kiteboarder.

Come to Costa Rica and learn with us!!

Check the video also here

Franz back with Wainman

Franz back with Wainman

Franz Olry is back in action after being out for a while. On this video he is presenting the Wainman Hawaii Maniac kites!

Enjoy this video testing the ManiaC with his timeless old school style!

The video is shot in Sete, close to Montpellier

Check the wainmanit here

Best Kiteboarding 2015!

Best Kiteboarding 2015 gear

The new gear from Best kiteboarding 2015 is here!! They have shot this nice video with most of the team members all around the world!

You can see Hannah Whiteley, Gisela Pulido, Youri Zoon, ruben Lenten…

They seem to have lot of fun, not everything is kiteboarding, they do also enoy, karting,


Check the Video here

Wake style

Wake Style

For those lovers of wake style here comes the trailer for this amazing production: PRIME!!

The video is just amazing!!! Incredible point of views and all of it in HD.

Dont miss this wake style movie!!!

Wake boarding is a nice discipline for those kiters who live in a place where is not very windy. In Bahoa Salinas (Costa Rica) we do have enough wind, but we also have a nice flat spot where you can practice your latest wake style tricks!!

Check the video here

Kitesurf Water Safety

Kitesurf Water Safety

It is very rear that we have problems in the water while kitesurfing, since we have the kite that will keep us floating. But in case we have ejected it we might get into this situation.

Currents are normally not that well known because they are “hidden”. They can be very dangerous in case your kite is not working (broken or ejected) or if the wind dies while you are far from the shore.

In Case this happens just remember this: “Flip, Float, Follow” and KEEP CALM!:

-Flip on your back.

-Float to save energy.

-Follow the current until it is very mild and you can control it.

kitesurf water safety


Do not try to swimm against the current even if you feel you are very close to the shore (50-100m), you will get tyred. Wait until the current is gone and then try to swim back from other point.

It is recommended to use a life-vest, although most kiters do not use it. Specially when you are a beginner or an expert practicing dangerous tricks it is recommended an impact life-vest, which will keep you floating and at the same time will protect you from crashes.

Bahia Salinas is not a spot with strong currents, but some others in Costa RIca are. Most currents are cause because of wave swells and tides. In Costa Kite School we explain all this info to our students to make sure that when they practice the sport in other spot and with no supervision they can do it on a safe way.

Kitesurf water safety is not a joke is something that everyone practicing water sport should know.

Surfkite Costa Rica!


Kiteboarding is not all about a twintip board, there are other styles such us race and surfkite which use a different board.

Our Spot in Bahia Salinas (Costa Rica), also has a wave spot for those of you who love surf kite!!

We are getting on the mood with this amazing waves from Teahupoo!!!

Wave Mode On!!! Surfkite Costa Rica!


This is a very impressive video that shows a very nice modality. I payed special attention to the SUP boards. This discipline has evolved very quick, and it has become a very fun sport allowing you to ride waves or take it easy. I will always recommend wave riding, if possible going wild!! 😀

We hope to have this boards available in Costa Rica very soon!