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Kite Season in Costa Rica

Kite Season in Costa Rica

The Kite Season in Costa Rica starts in November and last until May. The best months to kite or high season are form mid December to end of March, during this time the chances of getting wind are almost 100%. Being one of the windiest spots in the world if not the windiest as we describe on this post.

Kite Season in Costa Rica

During the other months November, April and May it is considered mid season. The wind is not as reliable as in high season but it is still very good. The wind is also a bit lighter. You can see the wind stats: here.

For the rest of the time it is considered low season. It is rainy season and the wind is very inconsistent.


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10 reasons to kite in Costa Rica

TripAdvisor kitesurf

And we started the year reaching 100 reviews on TripAdvisor! We have no words to thank you all for choosing us!! We are happy to read your reviews and see how much all of you enjoyed your stay with us!

TripAdvisor kitesurf

We will keep working to make your vacation the best experience ever!! Thanks for choosing Costa Rica. Thanks for choosing Bahia Salinas.

Thanks for choosing US.

Big thanks from all the COSTAKITE team!!

And it is still windy in Costa Rica!!

Since we started the season at the beginning of November we have had 1 no wind day. Yes you are reading correctly, only one day with no wind in 3 months!! Stop searching for a reliable windy place, our spot in Costa Rica has the most reliable windy stats. And Bahia Salinas has a lot more to offer!! The most amazing wild nature, Volcanos, food… And a lot more!

windy in costa rica
Windy in Costa Rica

On top of having the best wind, our bay is super safe, side onshore wind direction, and fairly flat water! Good for experienced riders and of course for our beginners!! We also have the best qualified instructors!

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Bahía Salinas – Costa Rica

Bahía Salinas is one of the windiest spot in the world. The windy season starts at the end of November when the rainy season is over and finishes by the end of April.

This season 2017-2018 from November we have only had 4 no wind days, yes you are reading right, 4 days in 6 months!!! It’s virtually windy everyday!!

Here you have the Windguru stats to prove it!! STATS WINDiest SPOT IN THE WORLD STATS

As you can see on this graph, the wind is represented on Beaufort where:

2 BFT= 1 – 3 Knt.

3 BFT= 7-10 Knt.

4BFT= 11-16 Knt.

5 BFT= 17-21Knt.

6 BFT= 22-27Knt.

7 BFT= 28-33Knt.

8 BFT=34-40Knt.

As you can see since November we have only had 5 days with 3BFT, which means we could easily kite on a 15m (which we are not used to tho..)!! That’s why Bahia Salinas is one of the windiest spot in the world, the wind is virtually guaranteed every single day!!! All they long!!

And there is more!! It is always warm, so don’t bring your wetsuit!!


Bahia Salinas is located north east Costa Rica, in Guanacaste province, on the pacific ocean side of the country, cantón de La Cruz. The closest airport is just 65km drive (Liberia).

The wind on the windiest spot in the world is SIDE-ON, ideal for all kind of levels form beginners to experts. The most popular beach for kitesurfing on the bay is Playa Copal (AKA kite beach), although all other beaches in the bay are perfectly suitable for kiting as well. The water temperature is 22º Celsius (72ºF), so no wetsuit is needed!! Just a rash guard to protect your skin from the sun. Since it is a bay, there is no waves, having a nice flat water.


Do not think any longer, if you want to kite everyday, with wind 100% guaranteed visit us in our Costa Rican wind and nature paradise!! Costa Kite also provide the best accommodation in our kite villa and airport transfers.

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New season, new kite gear in Costa Rica!!

New season, new kite gear in Costa Rica!!

The new season is about to start and we already have some new kite gear in Costa Rica!! If you come to visit us for your kiteboarding vacations, get ready to use the latest technology from Liquid force. The new solo is amazing, we have had the chance to test it and works fantastic for beginners and experienced freeriders. Have a look at the new helmets, arent they cool?? We will also get some new NV, the most famous kite from Liquid force and of course some boards and bars.

new kite gear in Costa Rica

If you wanna try all this gear and much more come and visit us this season in Costa rica!! We have the best spot to learn and practice. Wind is guaranteed almost everyday!!

Certificate of excellence 2017

Certificate of excellence 2017

Certificate of excellence 2017

One more season we are proud to announce that we have been awarded with the Certificate of excellence 2017. This award is given by the world’s most important and famous travel web site: TripAdvisor.

Certificate of excellence 2017

This has been possible thanks to all of you that have made amazing reviews on their website. We have no words to thank you  those reviews. Thanks to you we have got the TripAdvisor’s Certificate of excellence for second year in a row, 2016 and 2017. We will try to keep improving to make the best kite experience ever!!

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Flights USA to Liberia


There are direct flights connecting different points of the usa and Liberia (Costa Rica). Most flights operate daily. Liberia International Airport (LIB), Daniel Oduber Quirós, is just 70km form our spot (Bahia Salinas) in Guanacaste.

There are direc flights USA to Liberia from the following cities: Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Charlotte Douglas and Chicago.

We want to make your life easier so we have made a list wit hall the details below, there are no excuses now to enjoy a kiteboarding week in Costa Rica!!


2 flights per day, everyday: 11:15h and 18:20h, duration 2H50.

Operated by: American AirlinesFinnair and British Airways.


3 flights per day, everyday: 8:57h, 10:35h and 15:42h, On weekends there is an extra flight at 11:27h. Duration 3H35.

Operated by United AirlinesLufthansa and Southwest.


1 flight per day, everyday. One extra flight on weekends: 23:57h and 8:40h. Duration 5H30.

Operated by Delta and Alaska.


There are direct fights everyday, except on Mondays. Saturdays there are up to 5 flights connecting the 2 cities. The departure time Tuesday to Friday and Sunday are: 8:45h and 9:43h. On Saturday we have the same than before (8:45h and 9:43) and 3 more flights: 7:00h, 11:30h and 16h. The flight duration is 5H20.

The airlines operating from New York to Liberia are: United AirlinesLufthansaDelta and JetBlue.


Direct flights everyday at 10:00h adding one more on Saturdays at 17:30h. Duration 4H

Delta is the only airline covering this route.


Flights on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:45h, The flight duration is 3H55.

Operated by American Airlines and British Aiways.


There is only one direct flight and it is on Sundays at 11:25h. The flight duration is 4H15

This route is operated by, American Airlines y British Aiways.


It just flies Saturday morning at 7:40, with an estimated flight duration of 5H15

Operated by United Airlines y Lufthansa.


Flights USA to LIBERIA

Liberia International Airport

Now you have no excuses, you have all the info yo need about Flights USA to LIBERIA. Come and visit us in the best kite spot in Central America, Bahía Salinas! Book your course with us and enjoy your kite vacation!

Benefits of Kiteboarding

Benefits of Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is a complete sport, here is a List of the 8 Benefits of Kiteboarding:

  1. It combines aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise which will help you to keep your with controlled.
  2. It improves coordinations and balance.
  3. It strengths your inmune system.
  4. It will improve your problem solving and decision making skills.
  5. It allows you to be in touch with nature, improving respected knowledge about it and you will get to know many beautiful places (Costa Rica is one of them!!).
  6. The adrenaline rush allows you to get rid of stress.
  7. You will meet people with same interests.
  8. It allows you to get the feeling of flying!!!

benefits of kiteboarding

We know you have seen it many times but never get tomato a decision, do not wait any more learn kitesurfing NOW!!!

Our team of IKO qualified instructors will guide you till you become an independent instructor!!

Visit us in Costa Rica for a Kiteboarding vacation and lot of experiences!!!

Most windy place in central America

Most windy place in central America

What is the most windy place in Central america? Well the stats talk for itself Bahia Salinas in Costa Rica leads this ranking.

Based on last season data, during our windy season (Nov 2014-May 2015) we had only 23 non windy days out of 243, that means we had 220 windy days!!! an average of more than 90%!!!

This makes Bahia Salinas a great place to guarantee the those days you have been waiting the whole year don’t let you down!! The wind is guaranteed!!

January Is the best month were every day was a kite day thanks to the consistent wind. On second place we find March with only one no windy day and on third place February and May (2 non windy days)

most windy place in central america

Data extracted form WindGuru.

4Bft is windy enoghto practice kiteboarding


Come and join us for a great kite vacation!!

Costa Kite team has everything you need!