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And we started the year reaching 100 reviews on TripAdvisor! We have no words to thank you all for choosing us!! We are happy to read your reviews and see how much all of you enjoyed your stay with us!

TripAdvisor kitesurf

We will keep working to make your vacation the best experience ever!! Thanks for choosing Costa Rica. Thanks for choosing Bahia Salinas.

Thanks for choosing US.

Big thanks from all the COSTAKITE team!!

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No Comments on And it is still windy in Costa Rica!!

Since we started the season at the beginning of November we have had 1 no wind day. Yes you are reading correctly, only one day with no wind in 3 months!! Stop searching for a reliable windy place, our spot in Costa Rica has the most reliable windy stats. And Bahia Salinas has a lot more to offer!! The most amazing wild nature, Volcanos, food… And a lot more!

windy in costa rica
Windy in Costa Rica

On top of having the best wind, our bay is super safe, side onshore wind direc...

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Bahía Salinas – Costa Rica

Bahía Salinas is one of the windiest spot in the world. The windy season starts at the end of November when the rainy season is over and finishes by the end of April.

This season 2017-2018 from November we have only had 4 no wind days, yes you are reading right, 4 days in 6 months!!! It’s virtually windy everyday!!

Here you have the Windguru stats to prove it!! STATS WINDiest SPOT IN THE WORLD STATS

As you can see on this graph, the wind ...

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No Comments on New season, new kite gear in Costa Rica!!

New season, new kite gear in Costa Rica!!

The new season is about to start and we already have some new kite gear in Costa Rica!! If you come to visit us for your kiteboarding vacations, get ready to use the latest technology from Liquid force. The new solo is amazing, we have had the chance to test it and works fantastic for beginners and experienced freeriders...

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Certificate of excellence 2017
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Certificate of excellence 2017

One more season we are proud to announce that we have been awarded with the Certificate of excellence 2017. This award is given by the world’s most important and famous travel web site: TripAdvisor.

Certificate of excellence 2017

This has been possible thanks to all of you that have made amazing reviews on their website. We have no words to thank you  those reviews...

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No Comments on Flights USA to Liberia


There are direct flights connecting different points of the usa and Liberia (Costa Rica). Most flights operate daily. Liberia International Airport (LIB), Daniel Oduber Quirós, is just 70km form our spot (Bahia Salinas) in Guanacaste.

There are direc flights USA to Liberia from the following cities: Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Charlotte Douglas and Chicago.

We want to make your life easier so we h...

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Benefits of Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is a complete sport, here is a List of the 8 Benefits of Kiteboarding:

  1. It combines aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise which will help you to keep your with controlled.
  2. It improves coordinations and balance.
  3. It strengths your inmune system.
  4. It will improve your problem solving and decision making skills.
  5. It allows you to be in touch with nature, improving respected knowledge about it and you will get to know many beauti...
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1 Comment on Most windy place in central America

Most windy place in central America

What is the most windy place in Central america? Well the stats talk for itself Bahia Salinas in Costa Rica leads this ranking.

Based on last season data, during our windy season (Nov 2014-May 2015) we had only 23 non windy days out of 243, that means we had 220 windy days!!! an average of more than 90%!!!

This makes Bahia Salinas a great place to guarantee the those days you have been waiting the whole year don’t let you down!...

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Kiteboarding Salinas Bay

The best spot to kiteboard in Costa Rica and Central America is Salinas bay. Situated north-west of Costa Rica and just a few miles from the Nicaraguan border. Thanks to its proximity to Nicaragua Volcano and lake , this bay gets consistent strong winds form November to May. The wind is almost warranted during those months with an average of 95% windy days.

Kiteboarding is not so popular among locals although it...

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No Comments on Sunset Salinas Bay

Sunset salinas bay

The season is coming to and end and so is the day, we wanted to share with you this pictures from yesterday sunset, hope you like them!!

sunset kids

Kids having fun

sunset costa rica

Amazing shot

sunset jobo

sunset salinas bay

If you wanna enjoy this sunsets with us, come and join Costa Kite team for your vacations!! Are you going to miss this??

Kiteboarding is our passion and we will teach you all you need to become an expert...

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