Costa Rican sunsets


If you want to see one of the most amazing sunsets in the world, Costa Rican sunsets are breathtaking!!

Costa Rican sunsets

On the Costa Rican pacific coast the sun goes down on the sea, making sunsets the best of central america.

Kite sessions during sunset are just the best feeling. The temperature gets nicer, wind steadier, and enjoying the view is just priceless!!

Come to Bahia Salinas (Costa Rica), the best spot in Central America where is windy every single day!! You will learn with the best team of instructors! Come to our kite school Costa Kite!

Wind! Sun! Sea! Nature!


Kiteboarding age


This 77 year old man proves that there is no kiteboarding age. No matter how old you are you can experience the fun and freedom this sport provides!!!

This man decided to break all stereotypes and live each moment to the fullest. Don’t believe what people say, everybody can be a kiteboarder!! push your limits!!

We have had students with similar ages and they have learnt and loved the sport! This sport keeps you alive! Kiteboarding is more than a sport is a lifestyle that will encourage you to have a healthier and fulfilling life!

We have experienced instructors in CostaKite that can teach students from 7 to 80 years old, we adapt the lesson to your needs and learning pace. Come to Costa Rica!