Bahia Salinas paved road


Hello kiteboarders from around the world! After many years dreaming about it, the dream is finally going to come true we are going to have a paved road in Bahia Salinas!!

Dear friends, as you can see on the picture the work on the dirt road that goes from La Cruz (Guanacaste) to Playa Copal (Bahia Salinas) has already started. Hopefully it will be ready by the end of september. That means it will be ready for the beginning of the season end of october!!

paved road bahia salinas

This paved road will change a lot in our awesome Costa Rican spot!! It will first decrease the time it takes to drive form Liberia airport to Bahia Salinas to less than an hour!! It also means that driving to La cruz town will take 10-15min, now after a kite day at the beach going to town for a beer or dinner is posible or to see the awesome sunset from La Cruz.

Bahia Salinas is one of the best kiteboarding spots in the world and with this improvement it will be even better!! Plan your vacations with Costa Kite team!!