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Measure your jumps with WOO

Now you can measure your jumps with WOO in our kitesurf school in Costa Rica. This amazing device measures how high a kiter jumps, hang time (time in the air) and also landing force in Gs.

We have this device available for rent at our kite school. Book your kite-vacation with us and get to measure your progress!!

Measure your jumps with WOO

The WOO is a well know device among experienced riders, specially the ones loving big air discipline...

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Pilates lessons in Costa Rica
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Pilates lessons in Costa Rica

This season we have daily Pilates lessons in Costa Rica!!! Our amazing instructor will provide daily Pilates mat lessons. This is the perfect complement for your kitesurfing lessons. Getting your core even stronger! It is also proved that Pilates improves your balance which is very important for kitesurfers. It is also good for flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body.

Pilates lessons in Costa Rica

We will also have SUP ...

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BBtalkin in Costa Rica!

We have the best kite spot in the world with flat water and strong wind everyday, we have the best team of instructors, we have the best atmosphere, we have the best accomodation!! If all of that was not enough, we top it up with the use of BBtalkin in Costa Rica!

BBtalkin in Costa Rica!

With this incredible device we will be able to be in constant communication with our students at all time...

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Why learn kitesurf in Bahia Salinas?

Bahia Salinas is on the north pacific side of Costa Rica and the conditions to learn kitesurf are just perfect!! Here we are going to enumerate the most important ones:

1.- Windy everyday: From end of October to end of April it is windy every single day! and during the whole day! Making it perfect for practicing kitesurfing.

2.- The wind direction is side-on: which means that the winds blows around 45º a...

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No Comments on TripAdvisor kitesurf

And we started the year reaching 100 reviews on TripAdvisor! We have no words to thank you all for choosing us!! We are happy to read your reviews and see how much all of you enjoyed your stay with us!

TripAdvisor kitesurf

We will keep working to make your vacation the best experience ever!! Thanks for choosing Costa Rica. Thanks for choosing Bahia Salinas.

Thanks for choosing US.

Big thanks from all the COSTAKITE team!!

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Since we started the season at the beginning of November we have had 1 no wind day. Yes you are reading correctly, only one day with no wind in 3 months!! Stop searching for a reliable windy place, our spot in Costa Rica has the most reliable windy stats. And Bahia Salinas has a lot more to offer!! The most amazing wild nature, Volcanos, food… And a lot more!

windy in costa rica
Windy in Costa Rica

On top of having the best wind, our bay is super safe, side onshore wind direc...

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Bahía Salinas – Costa Rica

Bahía Salinas is one of the windiest spot in the world. The windy season starts at the end of November when the rainy season is over and finishes by the end of April.

This season 2017-2018 from November we have only had 4 no wind days, yes you are reading right, 4 days in 6 months!!! It’s virtually windy everyday!!

Here you have the Windguru stats to prove it!! STATS WINDiest SPOT IN THE WORLD STATS

As you can see on this graph, the wind ...

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Certificate of excellence 2018
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Certificate of excellence 2018

One more year Trip Advisor has given us the Certificate of excellence 2018!! Thanks to all your amazing review! Thanks for making us the best rated kitesurfing school in Costa Rica!!

Certificate of excellence 2018

As a kite school, we work every season to provide the best kite lessons, but we also want you to have the time of your life! We want you to remember the whole experience!! That’s why it is not only kiting, but great experiences with other kiters stayi...

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CostaKite Villa

We cant wait to show you some pics of CostaKite VIlla!!! Designed by kiters for kiters!

There is a nice swimming pool to relax after the whole day on the beach. Plenty of sunbeds for everyone!

We know this sports gets us all together, but we are different, that is why we have everything!! Kitchen in case you wantt o cook, or Restaurant in case you hate cooking on vacation.

We have private rooms and shared, all rooms are super spacious so that you ...

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New season, new kite gear in Costa Rica!!

The new season is about to start and we already have some new kite gear in Costa Rica!! If you come to visit us for your kiteboarding vacations, get ready to use the latest technology from Liquid force. The new solo is amazing, we have had the chance to test it and works fantastic for beginners and experienced freeriders...

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