Join the Kiteboarding Evolution

Join the Kiteboarding Evolution

The kiteboarding evolution is here!! Come and learn this amazing sport with our qualified team of instructors!

Fusing the power of air sports with the speed and maneuverability of water sports, kite surfing is the most exhilarating and electrifying extreme activity. Environmentally friendly, it is also the world’s fastest growing sport. Having similarities with surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and power kite flying, but kiting is relatively easy to learn. Once you have mastered the vital techniques, your enjoyment of the sport will soon be enhanced by high jumps, wave rides, technical tricks and astonishing speed.

kiteboarding evolutionThe best conditions are at Costa Kite, in Costa Rica. best spot in Central America!!

Join the R-Evolution!!!


Kiteboarding with turtles

Kiteboarding with turtles

At sunset in our kiteboarding beaches in Costa Rica (Bahia Salinas) the Costa Kite Team got a little surprise, Kiteboarding with turtles! a big turtle visited us!!

kiteboarding with turtles

kiting with turtle

We often see then in the water. But this time it came off the water to lay its eggs!!

Come visit our kiteboarding school in Costa Rica, all this natural things await you! Every day there is a surprise.


Start kiting!

Start kiting! It is Friday!! get out of the office!

It is Friday so it is time to start kiting, get out of the office and come to the beach. Wind conditions look very nice as usual for the weekend, so it is time to start kiting!!

start kiting

We are waiting for you in the water! Book your course now and get to know this amazing sport with Costa Kite team, the most profesional and fun team in Costa Rica!!

We are passionate about kiteboarding!!

I am kiting

Kiting is a fun and complete sport. You will be able to be un touch with nature while working out with out even noticing it.




Eolis kitesurfing school is located in Tavira, in the Algarve (south Portugal) It´s owner is Sandra Santos, she is a great professional to this amazing sport. Eolis is one of the most reputable school in the area thanks to more than 10 years experience.

eolis kitesurfin school

Also, you can try in this school many sports like:

Stand Up Paddle, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful landscape, nature and wildlife on a board like you probably have never before… birds, fish all around you.

C-Board, is a waterboard designed for the practice of towed snorkelling or diving by a boat or jetski.

KiteBugging, you will be able to use the kite to ride on the buggy and have an unforgetable experience!

eolis buggy

The Eolis mission is promote all eco-friendy sports in general, with special attention to the matters of safety and well-being as a common good.

If you want to contact with Eolis,the email: and web site I´m sure you will not regret!!!

Teaching kiteboarding experts

Teaching kiteboarding experts

Have you ever thought of becoming kiteboarding expert? If you wanna become an IKO instructor, Costa Kite can make it happen for you!!

We do certificate IKO assistant instructors! contact us for more details.

kiteboarding experts

With this certification you will be able to:

  • Teach up to one student under supervision.
  • Work at IKO affiliated Kite centers.
  • Eligible to take the Pre ITC online course.
  • Eligible to register for the Instructor Training Course (ITC),

Because we love teaching not only people new to the sport but also others who already know and want to become kiteboarding experts.

Check more details on IKO web:

We are located in Bahia Salinas, Costa Rica.

Strong wind

Strong wind in Bahia salinas

There are some days when we have very strong winds in our beautiful bay (Bahia Salinas) in the Pacifican Costa Rica . That is why we have these great 5m kites.

Our instructors have been able to test how these small kites behave and they are available for rent and lessons.

Here are some shots of the great session they had on strong wind (more than 40knots)!! Nothing can stop us!!

Strong wind

Strong wind Bahia Salinas

Come and join us for kiteboarding lessons in Costa Rica!! Contact our kiteboarding school in Costa Rica in Bahia Salinas, the best school in Latino America.