Our Kiteboarding school in Costa Rica provide kitesurfing courses and rentals at incredible prices. Our main concern is to obtain a high level of quality training for our students. We will put all our efforts to get what you need!

We have a wide range of Kiteboarding courses and rentals for all levels and adapted to all situations. All our instructor are  Logo IKO Courses and Rentals  (International Kiteboarding organization) certified.

Our kiteboarding school in Costa Rica arrange custom lessons including accommodation. In case that you need it please contact us. Besides courses and rentals we also provide shuttles from other places in Costa Rica.


Zero to Hero
9 hours / 3 days
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One lesson
3 hours / 1 day
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1 hour
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Zero to Hero
9 hours / 3 days
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One lesson
3 hours / 1 day
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1 hour
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Zero to Hero
6 hours / 3 days
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One Lesson
2 hours / 1 day
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Hotel - Airport LIB
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Gear Rent
1 day
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Gear Rent
1 hour
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* All Prices are per person in USD.

** Price includes kitesurf gear, wetsuit (in case you need it), harness and helmet.


Basic flying skills

  • Spot Selection.
  • Equipment Introduction.
  • Free Flying the kite.
  • Wind window theory.
  • First kite fly at Edge of wind window.
  • Wind Window Check points.
  • 8’s at the Edge of wind window.
  • 8’s at the power zone Edge of wind window.
  • One hand piloting.

Gear: Foil Kite

Time: 3h

Kite control and safety

This lesson takes place on the water.

  • Setup a Inflatable 4 line kite.
  • Introduction to the features and safety systems.
  • Quick release and bar recovery demonstration and practice.
  • First practice with a power kite.
  • Specific exercises at the edge of wind window.
  • Learn and practice assisting launch.
  • Water Priority rules.
  • Water Relaunch.
  • Body drag introduction.
  • Body drag Edge of the wind window Static.
  • Body drag Edge of the wind window 8’s.
  • Body drag One hand.
  • Body drag Power Zone.
  • Body drag board recovery.

Gear: inflatable kite


Water start and board control

  • Learn an practice landing and launching with an assistant.
  • Board preparation.
  • Water Start Theory.
  • Water Start Maneuver.
  • Water Start.
  • Self Rescue.
  • First ride.
  • Controlled Navigation.
  • Turning Maneuver.
  • Navigation in any direction.

Gear: Inflatable Kite and board

Time: 3h

* The amount of time to take each lesson is an estimation, it can take longer or less depending on the person.