Live a Nomadic experience in Costa Rica

A new law will allow tourists who can work remotely to do it in Costa Rica. Law 10.008 known as the “Digital Nomads Law” was approved last August and establishes the entry and stay conditions for foreign professionals.
People who wish to telecommute from Costa Rica can do so through a one-year work visa, extendable for another year. The visa would also cover the families and partners of the remote worker. Also, your driver’s license is valid for as long as you are allowed to work from Costa Rica.
Currently, the legal permanence of a tourist in the country cannot be extended for more than ninety days, according to the provisions of Migration. In addition, digital nomads arriving in Costa Rica will be able to benefit from a single tax rate.
One of the greatest advantages of working remotely is the flexibility of schedules and the freedom of location. An inspired worker reaches his goals more easily. On the other hand, being able to save time and travel costs allows the worker to better reconcile family, social and leisure life. What better destination than Costa Rica to enjoy the beach, nature, sports and wildlife? Besides,  San Jose offers a North American-friendly time zone and the weather is always good!

Costa Kite offers rooms with Wi-Fi as well as internet connection in the common areas to combine teleworking with your passion: kitesurfing.

Pura Vida, closer than you thought and easier than you imagined!