Handicapped Kiteboarding

Handicapped Kiteboarding

At Costa Kite we have had an exceptional student during this christmas, his name is Javier. What made him exceptional was not that he was handicapped, but the way he faces that fact!! He truly is a role model, and an example on how we should all face adversities.

Handicapped Kiteboarding

He is an excellent student and he enjoys kiteboarding. Respect for this tremendous performance and will power. We love people who push their limits.

He is a prove that imposible is nothing, you just have to want it really hard, and with a little bit of effort you can do everything you want. Handicapped Kiteboarding is posible! So all of you out there handicapped or not, we hope Javier’ spirit helps you to do what you want, nothing can stop you!!

For Costa Kite team he truly is a champion and while we were giving lesson, it was us who learnt a lesson: It is all about what you motivation and achievement spirit.

Big respect to Javier.

Here are some other pictures that prove Handicapped Kiteboarding is posible:

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Happy new year

Happy new year

Our Kiteboarding School in Costa Rica, Costa Kite wishes you all a happy new year!!

Here are some pictures of our happy students spending new year and christmas with us!

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And of course not everything happens in the water, we went to hit the night!!

Come and join us in Costa Rica, Costa Kite team is willing to help you, our kiteboarding courses are the best!!

Merry christmas!!

Merry christmas!!

Our Kiteboarding School in Costa Rica, Costa Kite team wishes you a very windy and merry christmas!! Enjoy your happy holidays with kite! Take lessons, rental equipment, enjoy with our kiteboarding school.Merry Christmas

Here are some christmasy pictures form our team enjoying the summer in Costa Rica. Come and Join us!!

Merry Chritsmas Kite


Our Kite school in Bahia Salinas is open all the Christmas holidays, you need only to contact with our kiteboarding school and take a lessons with us!

Super Megahappy Christmas to everybody!!

A bit of Kiteboarding History

A bit of Kiteboarding History

This video is a MUST SEE, all the creators of this sport, Naish, Wayman… The first kites that were developed, the first competitions, the first king of the air, the first kite boards, THE FIRST: Kiteboarding History!!

Enjoy it:

The Costa kite team wishes everybody a happy christmas!!

Came and take a kiteboarding course with us in Costa Rica!!

Our Kite school with PayPal

Our Kite school with PayPal

Our kite school now accepts payments via Paypal!! You do not need to have a PayPal account to use it, just a credit card. Assay as that!!

If you have a PayPal account it will be easier.

kite school with paypal

If you want to book with our kite school with PayPal, just go to the bookings page and select the days you want to take the course, as you select the days the price will be shown underneath.

If you are more than one, you will have to do separate payments, or contact us and we will send you just one payment if you wan.



Kitesurf school in Guadeloupe island

Kitesurf school in Guadeloupe island

Easy kitesurf in Guadeloupe island!

On the heavenly landscape on Guadeloupe island, the lagoon of Sainte Anne is an ideal location to learn to kitesurf.
Warm waters, coconut trees, sandy beaches and trade winds -the first ingredients of happiness- turn the French Antilles into a kitesurfing heaven.
Easykite School offers you friendly greetings, adapted pedagogy with radio assistance and equipments of quality.
A certified instructor gives you personalised kitesurfing lessons for a fast and safe improvement in a shallow water lagoon, the beautiful spot of Bois Jolan.
We propose a large variety of trainings and attractive packages with tapering fees.
For our non French speaking guests, we also offer lessons in English.

www.easykite.fr in Sainte-Anne village, Bois Jolan

Tel : 0690 474 123 (France)
+590 690 474 123 ( International )
Guadeloupe (GMT- 5)

guadakupe insland kiteboarding

Woo Kiteboarding becomes Social

WOO Kiteboarding becomes Social

The gadget you have always wanted is here!! You will be able yo get it in January and it is called WOO !!!!! WOO!! and WOO!!!

With WOO kiteboarding becomes social!! Check it on this video:

Woo is the gadget we all want, it allows us to keep track of your sessions, time, speed, height. The we can share them in facebook or any social network you want. WIth Woo kiteboarding becomes social. Prove your friends how high you can jump!!

I definitly want one! Do you? Stop looking for a christmas gift, this is the best gift fo rthis christmas. And if you wanna start using it already get out of the cold winter and join us for the warm and windy season in Costa Rica!!! We are waiting for you! The Wind is blowing and Costa Kite team is willing to teach you.

WOO gadget

You can pre order one already on there web, they will be  available in January: WooSports

Christmas Kite-Camp

Christmas Kite-Camp

Do you want to have fun this Christmas and learn the coolest sport ever??!!!! You can do it now in Costa Rica! Costa Kite has this offer for you:

Come and sign up for our Christmas Kite-Camp!!

  • 5 days in our kite house
    • sharing experience with other students.
    • Swimming-pool included.
    • Kitchen available.
    • Sharer bedroom (singe or double bed)
  • 3 days kite course (3h per day)
  • 2 days rental, so that you can practice on your own after the course.
  • All gear is included, just bring your bikini or board shorts and sun blocker.

All of it for just 450 USD


Christmas Kite camp costa rica

Christmas Kite camp costa rica

Contact us to book it NOW!!!!!!

Do not miss this opportunity to learn this amazing sport, christmas camp is the funniest way to do it.

Offer valid from December 2014 to January 2015

Windy week at Bahia Salinas

Windy week at Bahia Salinas

It has been a windy week at Bahia Salinas!!! We have enjoyed a lot!! and a prove of it are this amazing pictures taken by our photographer:

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Our students have learnt a lot, and we are so proud of them!!

Come and Join us in Costa Rica, the whole Costa rica team is waiting for you!!