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Kiteboarding age

KITEBOARDING HAS NO AGE This 77 year old man proves that there is no kiteboarding age. No matter how old you are you can experience the fun and freedom this sport provides!!! This man decided to break all stereotypes and live each moment to the fullest. Don’t believe what people say, everybody can be a […]

Bahia Salinas paved road

BAHIA SALINAS PAVED ROAD Hello kiteboarders from around the world! After many years dreaming about it, the dream is finally going to come true we are going to have a paved road in Bahia Salinas!! Dear friends, as you can see on the picture the work on the dirt road that goes from La Cruz […]

TripAdvisor Certificate of excellence

COSTA KITE HAS RECEIVED TRIPADVISOR’S CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE 2016 The 25th of May 2016 the kiteboarding school Costa kite in bahia Salinas (Costa Rica) has announced that TripAdvisor has awarded the school with the Certificate of Excellence 2016 . This award, that has been handed for the last 6 years, recognizes the effort and quality of businesses  that have […]

10 common kiteboarding mistakes

10 COMMON KITEBOARDING MISTAKES We all have been learning at some point, and we learn kiteboarding by doing mistakes. On this video presented by Jeremie Tronet we can se the 10 most common kiteboarding mistakes. Some mistakes are done also by experienced riders. We are always learning and we should not be afraid of making mistakes […]

Bahia Salinas Stats

Bahia Salinas Stats Season is over, as usual we like to look behind and analyze what the season has been like in terms of wind. Let’s review Bahia Salinas Stats. We opened the school this season Nov 2015 and we closed April 2016. As we can see on this screenshot taken form windguru, in the whole […]

Flight to Liberia Costa Rica

Flight to Liberia Costa Rica Thomson airways has just opened a new flight to Liberia Costa Rica from London. This is a great news, direct flights from Europe to Liberia, which is the closest airport to our spot (Bahia Salinas). Flights can be found for just 400$ round trip!!! Do not miss this opportunity and […]

Kite trip to Nicaragua

Kite trip to Nicaragua Now we organise Kite trip to Nicaragua!!! We have discovered a secret spot in Nicaragua. It is an amazing place in Nicaragua lake with consistent wind and sweet water. A Kite trip to Nicaragua is a great choice for those who want to discover a new secret kite spot. It is a […]

Kiteboarding Costa RIca

KITEBOARDING COSTA RICA Costa Rica has become one of the most popular countries in the world, you can be amazed by its exuberant nature, its relaxed lifestyle “Pura vida! and its great natural food. Something many travellers did not know is that it is also one of the windiest place in the world. The percentage […]

Kitesurf safety

KITESURF SAFETY Kitesurf is still consider an extreme sport, that is why kiteboarding profesional recommend to get started on this sport but an specialised school and qualified instructors. IKO instructor are trained and have the experience to guide you thru this sport on a safe way, avoiding unnecessary risks. Kitesurf safety is our main concern! At […]

Bus La Cruz – El Jobo

Bus La Cruz – El Jobo Many of our customers ask us about a way to get to us by public transport from La Cruz.  To get to: Our spot in Bahia Salians, you have to take the Bus La Cruz – El Jobo at La cruz main bus station. You should tell the driver to […]