Measure your jumps with WOO

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Measure your jumps with WOO

Now you can measure your jumps with WOO in our kitesurf school in Costa Rica. This amazing device measures how high a kiter jumps, hang time (time in the air) and also landing force in Gs.

We have this device available for rent at our kite school. Book your kite-vacation with us and get to measure your progress!!

Measure your jumps with WOO

The WOO is a well know device among experienced riders, specially the ones loving big air discipline. This device is used to measure the jumps during the competition of “The king of the Air” that takes place every year in South Africa.

No there is no excuse yo know if you jumped higher than your buddy, we know it!!

This is also very useful to improve your level , since there is a saying that says: “What cannot be measured cannot be improved”.

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