Woo Kiteboarding becomes Social

WOO Kiteboarding becomes Social

The gadget you have always wanted is here!! You will be able yo get it in January and it is called WOO !!!!! WOO!! and WOO!!!

With WOO kiteboarding becomes social!! Check it on this video:

Woo is the gadget we all want, it allows us to keep track of your sessions, time, speed, height. The we can share them in facebook or any social network you want. WIth Woo kiteboarding becomes social. Prove your friends how high you can jump!!

I definitly want one! Do you? Stop looking for a christmas gift, this is the best gift fo rthis christmas. And if you wanna start using it already get out of the cold winter and join us for the warm and windy season in Costa Rica!!! We are waiting for you! The Wind is blowing and Costa Kite team is willing to teach you.

WOO gadget

You can pre order one already on there web, they will be  available in January: WooSports