Bolaños Island



Bolaños island is right in the middle of the beautiful Salinas bay, north west of Costa Rica, Guanacaste Province. This island is by the pacific ocean.

Bolaños island is a natural park that host plenty of wild life. It is more than 80m high and it is mostly rocky. It is aproximatly 25ha. The rock is mostly formed by sediments more than forty million years old.

isla bolaños

Bolaños island is an important settlement for bird nesting, mostly pelicans, that is why it is a perfect day for ornithology lovers.

This small island where the wind blows strong every single day has abaraje temperature of 27º Este pequeño islote azotado por los fuertes vientos, registra temperaturas medias anuales de 27 grados centigrados y precipitaciones medias anuales de más de 1500 mm, concentradas de mayo a noviembre (estación de lluvia en Guanacaste)

Salinas bay is well known for its consistent constant winds from november to May (the dry season), this is why the traveler can find lost of kiteboarding lovers sailing all around the bay, many times ricking the island to enjoy its turquoise clear water.

kitesurf isla bolaños

Thanks to our kite instructor once you have a good level you will be able to visit the island, they will guide you and assist you on the way. It is about 10min ride. This is an exciting way of sightseeing