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Why learn kitesurf in Bahia Salinas?

Why learn kitesurf in Bahia Salinas?

Bahia Salinas is on the north pacific side of Costa Rica and the conditions to learn kitesurf are just perfect!! Here we are going to enumerate the most important ones:

1.- Windy everyday: From end of October to end of April it is windy every single day! and during the whole day! Making it perfect for practicing kitesurfing.

2.- The wind direction is side-on: which means that the winds blows around 45º angle towards the land. This is the safest and most comfortable wind to learn kitesurf.

3.- Unknown spot: Playa Copal in Bahia Salinas is a spot that not many travellers know about. That means you will not find crowds of people kiting on the ocean at the same time. Normally we have 10-15 kiters. This makes it very safe since the chances of crashing your kite with other people are almost 0.

4.- No waves: Since we are on a small bay there are no waves. Just in february when the wind gets stronger we get about 30 inch waves, which is nothing!! The rest of the season is flat and calm!! This will make your learning process a lot easier and faster.

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5.- Warm water: Forget about wetsuits!! The water temperature in Bahia Salinas is so warm that you will not need it at all. It is around 22º-24ºC.

6.- Wild life: It will be hard to find the wild life you find in Costa Rica at any other kite spot: Sea turtles, dolphins, whales, Pelicans, Flamingos…

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Bahía Salinas – Costa Rica

Bahía Salinas is one of the windiest spot in the world. The windy season starts at the end of November when the rainy season is over and finishes by the end of April.

This season 2017-2018 from November we have only had 4 no wind days, yes you are reading right, 4 days in 6 months!!! It’s virtually windy everyday!!

Here you have the Windguru stats to prove it!! STATS WINDiest SPOT IN THE WORLD STATS

As you can see on this graph, the wind is represented on Beaufort where:

2 BFT= 1 – 3 Knt.

3 BFT= 7-10 Knt.

4BFT= 11-16 Knt.

5 BFT= 17-21Knt.

6 BFT= 22-27Knt.

7 BFT= 28-33Knt.

8 BFT=34-40Knt.

As you can see since November we have only had 5 days with 3BFT, which means we could easily kite on a 15m (which we are not used to tho..)!! That’s why Bahia Salinas is one of the windiest spot in the world, the wind is virtually guaranteed every single day!!! All they long!!

And there is more!! It is always warm, so don’t bring your wetsuit!!


Bahia Salinas is located north east Costa Rica, in Guanacaste province, on the pacific ocean side of the country, cantón de La Cruz. The closest airport is just 65km drive (Liberia).

The wind on the windiest spot in the world is SIDE-ON, ideal for all kind of levels form beginners to experts. The most popular beach for kitesurfing on the bay is Playa Copal (AKA kite beach), although all other beaches in the bay are perfectly suitable for kiting as well. The water temperature is 22º Celsius (72ºF), so no wetsuit is needed!! Just a rash guard to protect your skin from the sun. Since it is a bay, there is no waves, having a nice flat water.


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