Kitesurf safety


Kitesurf is still consider an extreme sport, that is why kiteboarding profesional recommend to get started on this sport but an specialised school and qualified instructors. IKO instructor are trained and have the experience to guide you thru this sport on a safe way, avoiding unnecessary risks. Kitesurf safety is our main concern!

At our kiteboarding school in bahía Salinas (Costa Rica), our main concern is kitesurf safety, regarding the student and other riders in the water. That is why we are the only school in the area that provides helmets on every lesson and water shoes for those uncomfortable with shells, stones or other things at the beach, all of this is included on the lesson/rental price.

We want all of our students to become independent self sufficient kiteboarders and our lessons are oriented on that direction. We want you to know how to come back to shore if something happens or he wind dies, what do in case of accident, self rescue…

Safety is Costa-kite’s philosophy, since the first lesson we point out the hazards at the beach, the different kinds of wind, when you can and when you cannot go in the water, the tides, the gusts… And how to react to each of this elements.

Kitesurf Safety

Costa Kite guarantees  a safe and 1000% safe learning.

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