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BBtalkin in Costa Rica!

We have the best kite spot in the world with flat water and strong wind everyday, we have the best team of instructors, we have the best atmosphere, we have the best accomodation!! If all of that was not enough, we to it up with the use of BBtalkin in Costa Rica!

BBtalkin in Costa Rica!

With this incredible device we will be able to be in constant communication with our students at all time...

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Since we started the season at the beginning of November we have had 1 no wind day. Yes you are reading correctly, only one day with no wind in 3 months!! Stop searching for a reliable windy place, our spot in Costa Rica has the most reliable windy stats. And Bahia Salinas has a lot more to offer!! The most amazing wild nature, Volcanos, food… And a lot more!

windy in costa rica
Windy in Costa Rica

On top of having the best wind, our bay is super safe, side onshore wind direc...

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London to Costa Rica

British airways has just opened a new flight from London to Costa Rica (San Jose), this is great news for all our British and other european willing to come visit us!!

The flights will initially leave Gatwick on Wednesday and Saturday at 11.55am and 11am respectively, arriving in San Jose at 3.45pm and 2.50pm respectively, and take an average flying time of 10 hours and 50 minutes.

When the third flight starts in winter (windy season), the de...

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A place to live

La Cruz is 60km north of Liberia (Capital of Guanacaste region) and 20km south of Peñas Blancas, were the Nicaraguan border is.

The name of La cruz (“the cross” in english) is becas eof an incident that happened centuries ago. The mules used to carry the cattle form Nicaragua to Esperanza, and one of the mules was so exhausted he it reached the top of the hill that died. It was buried there and a cross was placed on that spot...

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