Self Rescue

Self Rescue

This is something every kiter should know how to do. While you are learning with us you will be safe and supervised, but there is a time when you will have to ride on your ow right? We teach you to ride on a safe way, but we always have to be prepared for the unexpected, what if your gear breaks? or if the wind dyes and you are far from the shore?

Well, you can learn how to execute a self rescue on this video:

We recommend it on the following scenarios:

-The leading edge has had a puncture and is completelty deflated

-OR, the wind has turned off-shore

-OR , the Wind has completely stopped


Costa kite instructors will teach you how to do it with real gear on the beach!!



Great wind forecast this week!!

Great wind forecast for the whole week

The week looks amazing, we will have steady 15-20 knots wind. Much nicer than the 30/40knots we have had lately.

So finally a chance for our 9 an 10s to get out on the water!!

wind forecast Costa rica

Check the wind forecast whenever you want here: windguru

Come and join us on the best kite spot in the world, where wind is guaranteed!!

If you are an expert we welcome you to join us and if you are a beginner our IKO instructors will be happy to teach you the best sport ever!!

Come to Costa Rica!!

Kiting in Sweden

Kiting in Sweden: Gusty school!

Have you ever wondered if you can learn how to kite in Sweden? Well it is posible and our friend school GUSTY , can teach you!

Sweden is a northern country where the wind blows strong on the strait between Sweden and Denmark, you can find the best spots where Gusty operates on this map. In particular there is a really great spot called “Habo Ljung”, number 5 on the map. Habo Ljung offers shallow and flat water and you can usually walk 2-300 meters out in the water and still the water level doesn’t reach longer than to your hip. Habo Ljung is the perfect spot for teaching not only due to the shallow water, but also due to generous rigging areas on the beach. Worth knowing for touristing kitesurfers on a budget is that there is a quite big camp site at this spot.

kiting sweden gusty map

GUSTY kite school is run by Gustav, a kiteboarder who as many others got hooked on this sport, and after that he decided to live on it by running his own kite school. As a student at GUSTY you’ll get the best possible instruction as you can get within kitesurfing. GUSTY doesn’t leave a student that is not comfortable to kite independently, they will give you free lessons if you did not achieve the expected level.

kiting in sweden gusty gusty kiting in sweden kiting in sweden

At GUSTY they have the best gear and the instructors are IKO certified, you can really trust them and from Costa Kite we totally recommend them. Gustav is a great instructor:calm and pedagogical, eager to make sure that you as a student not only to have a really fun day on the water, but also that you feel totally comfortable with kitesurfing independently after the course. As a person he is also great and pretty sure you can share a good time with him out of the water!

So if you are planning a kite trip in Sweden you will not be disappointed. The wind and water temperatures can be a bit cold in the beginning of the summer that starts in June. August and September are usually relatively warm and you can kitesurf without wetsuits on some hot days.