Introduction to kiteboarding


If you are thinking of doing an introduction to kiteboarding, you are on the right place. To start out on this sport it is very important to do it with the support of professionals from an official school.

Would you learn skydiving on your own? A kiteboarding kite is something similar, so it is powerful enough to lift us a few meters above the ground. If you are not with experienced professionals your kite can become a dangerous device. That is why you need to learn main safety systems, weather…. to avoid hurting yourself or others around you.

Introduction to kiteboarding


Learning this sport on your own is something almost imposible and most important, very dangerous. We highlly recommend you to start with professional instructors, thjis will shorten your learning time and will make it safe. The instructor will explain you what to do in case of emergency, where the kite delivers more power, and will help you become an independent kiteboarder!

To become an independent ride you will need an avarage of 3 lessons, obviously that depends on every person particular skills. On the first lesson you learn theory and basic kite flying, on the second one you start practicing in the water, and the third oneyou get to the board!

Introduction to KITESURF


If you are thinking of coming to Costa Rica to learn kiteboarding during your stay, contact us here. In our kite school in Bahia Salinas (Costa Rica) you will learn fast, safe and having fun!