Activities in Bahia Salinas


There are many activities in Bahia Salinas. If you want to do any of these activities contact us and we will organize everything for you!  Here we give you some options:


    Is the main activity and it can be done form November to April. Daily consistent srtong winds. This is mainly done in Copal beach, where tourists and kiters form all around the world meet to enjoy the watm water and pracice this amazing sport!

Activities in Bahia Salinas


    Tere are many paths to explore with a horse. Many companies run horseback riding tours that can be done during the day or at sunset time. You can explore the hills of La Cruz or enjoy a nice ride on the beach. This is a veri nice activity for nature lovers!

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    One of the most popular activities in Costa Rica: Canopy tours. It is a fun activity that can be done by people from all ages. You will see many animals and plants and get some adrenaline rush!!

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    It is a fun way to explore the surroundings. You can go thru the hills or explore the beaches around. There are many paths available to explore with an ATV.

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    You will find the best beaches of Costa Rica in Bahia Salinas. Rajada beach, Papaturro or Rajadita are as beautiful as any other caribbean beach.

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    SUP or Stand Up Paddle is one of the best ways to explore Rajada beach. A relaxing way to get to know the beach while doing some exercise!

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These are some of the many activities in Bahia Salinas. You can perform your stay in Bahia Salinas, just a few kilometers from your hotel.

If you want to do one of these activities, please contact our kite school Costa Kite.